Things We Don’t Suck At

Sometimes when I’m feeling inadequate in life, I remind myself of the things that are going well. It’s easy to get down on myself for things like our constantly messy home, the cluttered seats and floor of my car, my overall lack of organization or craftiness, and other things in life that we just can’t seem to balance out. This list goes on, but I’m not in the mood to whine about those things today. I’m focusing on what this family does well.

Friday nights – The last several months our Friday nights have become a tradition: family night out to dinner. We rarely eat dinner together during the week, so I look forward to this very much. We’ve even been sticking with the same restaurant, our favorite, Beer Kitchen. Their burgers are unmatched, and let’s just say sweet potato fries with bacon aioli in which to dip. It doesn’t get much better, and I love that we do this together.

Cooking/eating – So far the first two things we do well as a family have to do with food. Well, we love food! What’s great is that Ronnie cooks well, and now I am a good cook too. We can share the efforts in the kitchen, so when I plan meals for the week (which I’ve also gotten skilled at doing – yay for organization points!), I try to plan meals around our schedules in a way that we can split efficiencies. Some days I’ll have Ronnie throw stuff in the crockpot when he comes home for lunch. Other days I’ll get veggies chopped and everything set out so he can make a stir fry when I head to the gym for a workout, or I’ll have something already baking in the oven and ready to go when he gets home. On the weekends, he cooks us eggs and bacon. He also gives me great ideas for what to cook, and is willing to try everything I come up with. I am truly proud of our efforts to cook and eat nutritious, real food, and I hope Skyler grows up with a love for good food, an appreciation for variety, and a strong, healthy body.

Music – We love music in this house. We always have the radio on in the car or a CD playing, and even Skyler belts out her favorite tunes, which are usually some of Ronnie’s or my favorite tunes as well. We never really played any of the kiddie tunes for her, she’s just grown up listening to what we listen to. Saturday mornings, I blast a playlist of our favorite songs, and we dance around the living room and sing as we attempt to clean up the house. It’s terribly inefficient, but it helps make cleaning fun.

Fitness – Since Ronnie opened the gym, our life has revolved around fitness. And I love that! It has become a normal and joyful part of our life, not a task I dread. It’s just part of life, and Skyler is growing up with this as the norm. She does burpees and push-ups for fun. If I’m stretching at home, she mimics every move alongside me. I hope she grows thinking that being active is the standard, fitness is fun, and that she is capable of anything she sets her mind to. I’m learning all this finally, after over thirty years. The new appreciation for life, health, and the things I’m capable of has been amazing, and I wonder where this part of me was all my life?

Life is busy, and there is a lot of hard stuff. We definitely have our fair share of stress in this family, and I’m always wishing we could get our act together in all the traditional ways. But, somehow, with the things above and so much more, we make it work. And despite our messy house and other insecurities, I think we are actually pretty good at life. At least we don’t suck at it.

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