The Highlight of My Weekend Was a Couch.

And I am okay with that. I kind of find it amusing, considering the things that usually entertain me – a date, a night out with friends, a vacation, normal exciting things. But this couch was well-deserved and much needed.

Ronnie’s been complaining about our couch for a good year now. Not sure why we didn’t hate it so much before that – maybe it’s our aging bodies. See we used to have this awesome comfy green couch and loveseat that Ronnie had purchased before we got married, but Bruno tore up the the top of the loveseat that sat in front of our living room window while “attacking” the mailman every single day, so we moved the couch to the back room and moved our matching set of white couch and chair to the front room. We had purchased the white ones when we got married, and at the time, thought they were fine. We were young, we knew nothing about buying comfy couches. Plus, the white couch and chair offered limited seating for four people.

Several weeks ago we were lounging around in the living room on a weekend and I could not get comfortable. Then I woke up the next day sore. Ronnie insisted on a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look at sectionals. I was reluctant because our house is small, and we want to move in a year or so, so buying a new sectional is not wise. But we went, and I purposefully left my NFM credit card at home so we wouldn’t do anything rash.

After a couple hours of sitting and lounging on every single sectional they had, with very little success, the last one we sat on finally felt right. We did the measurements, took the flyer with all the configurations, and decided to head home to think on it. Until Ronnie didn’t have his keys (keep in mind, I left my purse and keys at home on purpose). We spent an hour going back from couch to couch, reaching between cushions and under pillows, peering underneath. We spoke to sales reps asking if any had been turned in, but there was no luck. Finally, we gave up and called my parents to give us a ride home. We’d have to break in the house, then drive back and pick up the car at NFM. It’s about a 20 minute drive. We headed to the food court to grab a snack and wait for our ride. As I was peering out the window to look for my parents’ car, I saw the one of the sales reps who had helped us look for our keys. We chatted about the lack of success. A guy sitting at the table next to her said “you lost keys? Are they like a lanyard with a strap?” Um YES! What are the odds? He said he had them and would bring them right over. He found them on a sectional upstairs, imagine that!

In spite of the adventure, we continued to think about that sectional, and decided to go get it at the next big financing special. So with the Leap Day” sale, we headed up there Friday night, and did a “just to be sure” sit on our desired sectional. It didn’t feel right. Ronnie had no interest in bringing that thing home and wanted to shop around some more. I did not want to spend two more hours sitting on sectionals. I recalled only one other that was more comfy, but it was more pricey and looked too big. We stepped around the corner and there it was. The large, comfy, pricier sectional. But I think there were angels singing as the bright halogen lights shown down upon it. We went for a lounge, and it practically swallowed us in it’s loving plush cushions. It was perfect. But maybe too big.

We measured yet again and headed home to figure out if it could work. And it couldn’t have been an inch bigger or it wouldn’t have fit. So we got it. I’ve never been so excited to come home and be lazy in my life! We got it set up rather easily, and amazingly, it came with twelve decorative toss pillows! That was a bonus, as I was expecting to have to go pick those out and buy them separately, so that helped with the higher price not seeming so bad. And my pictures don’t do it justice for how big and comfy it is. It is as deep as a twin bed, at least. Pretty sure that is twice the depth of our last couch!

Last night we picked out a movie to watch as a family (Hugo – it was beautiful cinematography but otherwise very boring), and we all snuggled up across the sectional to watch it. It was amazing! We were all so comfortable, and could snuggle yet still have tons of room! And now it’s a running competition to race for the giant “corner” spot. Ronnie likes to trick Skyler to get her up from it to go look at “something over there” and then run and steal it from her. She gets really mad but it’s hilarious.

I feel oddly relieved about having this awesome, comfy couch. I’ve never enjoyed lounging around our house much – I always felt restless even if I wanted to relax. It was hard to be lazy and enjoy it. Now, I realize what we have been missing; comfort in our own home! I hope this doesn’t put a damper on our productivity or social life – we may never leave this couch again!

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