Taking Care

It is the picture of Daddy-Daughter love: He is resting his head on her polka dot pillow, covered in her plush fleece butterfly blanket. She brings him a small stuffed bunny rabbit from her room, tucks it under the covers next to him, and rubs his head lightly with her little hand. She turns to me and whispers “That’s how you take care of people.” Then she crawls up on the couch with him and snuggles up.

This was the sweetest little episode I witnessed today, as Ronnie is down with a sinus thing that has him non-functional on the couch. And Skyler has been the sweetest little nurse, even doing her best to remember to whisper instead of talk out loud in her usually bubbly, nasally high-pitched voice.

She is a thoughtful little angel, and I’m sure the belief she has in her power to heal is actually true; her manners have reached into his heart and mended any ills. The physical symptoms may not have gone away, but the ability to bear them with her looking after him just got a little easier, and he’ll always remember her care, long after he’s recovered and his ailments have been forgotten.


  1. There’s something in my eye.

  2. This is so sweet!

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