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Motherhood, thus far

It occurs to me daily, how lucky I am. I was given a gift I never asked for, and yet it was the best gift I ever received. My life has been forever changed, and although the depth of joy is astounding, there is a sharp pain that accompanies it. Skyler’s smiles and laughs bring …

What Not to Wear

These days, I am afraid that I could easily be submitted as a target for that TLC show, What Not to Wear. That’s the one where a person’s friends and family submit them to the show for how badly they dress, and ask Stacy and Quentin to show them how to dress fashionably for their …

Our finicky eater

We are still battling Skyler’s eating issue! We quit feeding her solid food about a week ago to rule that issue out. She seemed to be eating a little more, but still only 3 – 5 ounces. We also made sure to switch her back to Similac since that’s the kind she’s always liked. I …

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