…lagging behind. Haven’t downloaded photos in ages. Haven’t any thoughts worth posting about really. So here are a few random updates:

– Sad news: Super Pierce passed away last Friday. But he is in no more pain now and his family can begin the healing process.

– Worth noting: Swine Flu has made it’s way to our office. A coworker brought her 1 year old (who’s birthday is the same as Skyler’s!) with her to work last Friday and I was in a meeting with them, and then he started getting sick Saturday and she got the test results back today that it is H1N1. I’m pretty sure I didn’t touch him, and the incubation period from time of exposure should be up by now, so hopefully I’m in the clear! But hopefully she can get her little boy better while keeping herself from catching it and hopefully it didn’t spread to anyone else. And so cold/flu season is officially upon us at work.

– Speaking of work, I have my 3rd annual review tomorrow! I can’t believe I’ve been there three years already. And I still love my job!

– Skyler has a “new” word that I think is absolutely adorable. She calls strawberries “strawbeeberries” and she likes saying it and I crack up every time.

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