We are winding down from a much needed relaxing weekend. Ronnie and I have been going nonstop for several weeks now, and it was time for some R&R together. We even managed to ship Skyler off to Grandma’s for the whole weekend so we could just enjoy adult time with no parenting responsibilities. It was fantastic!

It started with my half-day at work on Friday. It was the first day of “Flex Fridays,” one of the awesome benefits my employer offers, where employees get every other Friday afternoon during the summertime off. The day started out raining, to my disappointment, since all I wanted to do was lay out at the pool and get some sun by myself. As noon approached and I was wrapping up work to head out, the skies parted and the sun came out. I enjoyed a quietly relaxing hour and a half at the pool by myself, and it was enough to score a minor sunburn! Nothing too painful, luckily, since we were going to be enjoying a pontoon boat on Saturday.

I came home from my sunny afternoon to get the house cleaned up. How pathetic is it that I was looking forward to picking up the house for the sole reason of enjoying a non-toy-strewn floor for an entire weekend? Normally it only lasts a few minutes before the tornado that is Skyler rips through the house. Ronnie got off work and we hopped on the motorcycle and headed to Fun House Pizza, a place he had loved since childhood. We saw some family friends there and ate with them before riding back home.

Saturday began with some work for Ronnie – he had a few clients to train at the gym, so I joined him. Ten other people showed up for a Saturday morning workout, which Coach Jesse turned into a fun but challenging team workout. He split us in two groups and we had to complete a ridiculous amount of different exercises together by sharing the load, I guess you could say. It took teamwork and some thought to figure out who would do what and communication to switch off and relieve each other, but at all times we were all working on something. It was a fun and different way to get a workout in, even though my team “lost.” We had fewer people…so there.

After we got done at the gym we headed out to Lee’s Summit to join up with friends on some pontoon boats. There were probably twenty of us just relaxing and swimming in the lake all afternoon. We came off the boats to our friend’s house for a BBQ that included “goober dogs,” which I had never had. Bacon-wrapped, peanut butter-filled hot dogs from the grill. Oh yeah…it was delicious!

Today we slept in till ten o’clock! That doesn’t happen often. Had a quick breakfast and then headed to pick up Skyler. We spent the afternoon doing laundry and getting caught up for the week. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and very stress-free summer weekend. I’m so thankful we could enjoy it together!

Ronnie and me at Lakefest

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