Somehow We Didn’t Kill Each Other

From the moment I picked Skyler up from preschool on Friday, we’ve been together for this entire long holiday weekend. We had no plans that required a babysitter, and really had very few plans at all, so we just went with it. I kind of dreaded it – the no plans and no babysitter for three days straight. Usually that is not a good scenario for my fun-loving self who doesn’t find reasoning with a 3 1/2 year old for hours at a time to be enjoyable. But somehow, by some miracle blessing from above, this weekend turned out pretty darn amazing for our family. Despite it’s lack of extraordinary things, it was one of my favorite weekends ever.

It began with a boil advisory from our water service for the entire county. Apparently a measly little raccoon flipped some switches that caused a major water main break, so the water people said we had to boil our drinking water for over 24 hours until they could test it. Everything ended up fine, but it was a little odd way to start the weekend, especially for this fish. I drink tap water like it’s going out of style.

The rest of the weekend involved visiting the pool every day. Skyler just finished up swimming lessons with her preschool, and while she only passed 4 of the 20 items required to graduate “tadpole,” and reportedly cried nearly every day at swimming lessons, she has made some great progress in the water. She actually enjoyed jumping off the side into our arms, and would let us hold her lightly while she paddled her way back to the side. And she can hold her face under water and pull herself out from the ledge!

We also took Skyler to attend her first wedding. It didn’t mean much to her but she got to run around on the dance floor, meet a “princess,” and chow down on some delicious cupcakes. Her favorite part of the wedding was that it was in Lawrence (where the Jayhawks live), and we got to stay in a sweet hotel. She has loved hotels ever since we stayed in a couple on our Florida trip, so that was the highlight of her weekend.

Other than that, we ate yummy food, both at restaurants and grilling out, we went out for ice cream, we went to the gym for some workouts (and she behaved!!!), spent time with my parents, and we had very few dramatic crying moments. It was all in all one of those fantastic kind of summer weekends that I wish we had every weekend!

All three of us at Abe and Jake's

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  1. all time favorite family photo of you guys. that is a framer.

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