This post has pretty much nothing to do with food. But it’s the only word I could come up with to sort of tie together all the random things I’m about to write. These are the hardest posts to title. So, “sandwiches” it is. Hopefully it will make sense when I’m done typing.

The week was otherwise ordinary. I did realize that I can really start counting down for our Florida beach vacation, which is less than two months away. That’s seriously close enough to get really excited. I mean, two months ago I was attending the NKOTBSB concert with my girlfriends. That feels like just a couple weeks ago. That’s how I like to anticipate fun things, by thinking how far behind me the amount of time left to count down is, and how quickly time has past since whatever that date was. It’s like being halfway done with a delicious sandwich and realizing how much more or less you get to enjoy.


For Skyler, being 4 now is all the rage, and she’s already anticipating when she’ll be 5. And when we talk about something that we did or that happened a few weeks ago, she categorizes the event by saying “well, that was back when I was 3, so…” as if whatever it was is irrelevant now that she’s 4. And the things that I won’t let her do yet, like take a shower by herself? She asks if she can do them once she’s 5. Except when she asked me when she can have a baby in her belly, I said she had to be a LOT older, and she responded with “Is 13 a lot older enough?” Her innocence is amusing, to say the least.

She’s also had an obsession with the movie Tangled. At this very moment she has an old belt/wrap thingy of mine that is made out of some beige fishnet material. She’s been tying it around her waist in an uneven way so one end hangs long. She is pretending it’s her magic hair, and proceeds to tie the other end to random objects. The effect is definitely not the same as the tricks that Rapunzel is able to accomplish in the movie, but Skyler’s imagination and resourcefulness is fascinating to me.


In other news, this week I accomplished both my first unassisted chin-up and pull-up, just days apart from each other. The pull-up was my New Year’s Resolution for this year, and I’m incredibly thrilled to have gotten it before the year was up. Honestly, I was getting a little worried it wouldn’t happen. Now I’m going to work on multiples, and perfecting my form, as the pull-up was definitely not pretty.

My fitness goals seen to be growing into this big multi-decker sandwich. What I once thought was a simple grilled-cheese type goal, i.e., go from no pull-ups to 1 pull-up, the melted cheese being the process in between, has now turned into this more complicated journey. My pull-up goal has now turned into multiple pull-ups (hopefully just a slice of lettuce away), which will then become kipping pull-ups (bacon?), and then muscle-ups on the rings, which is probably a whole other level of club sandwich away. But that is okay, as I like sandwiches. The more layers and ingredients, the better!

We wrapped up this week with a family outing at the Royal’s game. Skyler’s first and my first for nearly a decade. Some friends had extra tickets to the dugout suite, which was about as good a seat as you can get there. And the Royal’s actually won, with a couple home runs even, so Skyler got to see her first real live fireworks too. That was her favorite part. Today we ate breakfast together, had a quick workout at the gym, and then spent a relaxing afternoon watching football. At one point, Ronnie laid on the couch, I laid on top of him, and Skyler laid on top of me, and we made an Oswald sandwich.


So, sandwiches. I think they can be applied to most things in life. This post was really just a bunch of random ingredients in the Oswald sandwich. I feel much better about this post now that I did that and didn’t resort to “Random Thoughts.”


  1. Congrats on the pull up/chin up. I would have counted the one you showed us in the morning. So, by my book, you did 2!

  2. Sometimes I’m envious of her ability to have so many firsts so often.

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