Pursuit of Happiness

I wanted to whine tonight about my annoyance with the housework that builds up and how much it sucks to do it during the week, but the only reason it builds up is because we have so many better things to do in our life than housework. And that, we should be thankful for.

We’ve got the gym, which keeps us busy in many ways, which are rarely a drag. We’ve got friends and family, which provide entertainment and reasons to get out of the house often. We’ve got Skyler, who provides constant distractions from the things we don’t want to do.

I struggle with finding the balance of responsibility versus really living life. I fear looking back on life in my old age with many regrets of things I didn’t do or moments missed, but to say “I had a clean house and always had my crap together” if it means I had to sacrifice much of anything else to get there. Snuggle time with my fast-growing child, hanging out with friends and family, learning something new, pursuing a hobby, etc etc etc. Maybe I’m lazy, maybe I don’t have the discipline, but I’m just too distracted by the shiny things in life to care about keeping the “unshiny” things in life all neat and tidy.

But it wears on me, because I can so quickly find myself so far in the other direction smelling the roses that I find my house disgusting, refrigerator bare, no one has clean socks, and I’m wondering when is the last time I paid the water bill (it’s one of the few that I can’t get setup on auto-bill-pay, in my defense). It doesn’t take long but a couple minutes of my mind whirring through all these things that I am suddenly overwhelmed and stressed out, trying not to completely self-destruct into a vegetable state and total lack of productivity.

I wish I could figure out some formula or method to this madness so we could have the best of both worlds in this household. Happiness, full life of joyful experiences, relaxation, organization, and a well-oiled machine of a house. But I’m pretty sure that’s wishful thinking, otherwise there would be a book or show about it. There probably is, but who has time to read about crap like that? I’d rather be [insert enjoyable activity here].

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  1. […] because I don’t make keeping the house clean a big enough priority. It stresses me out, but I can always find other things to do. And I hate the defeated feeling when I clean; I know I’ll be doing this same waste of time […]

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