“Sky” – set of three 6″ abstract paintings on canvas


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This abstract paintings set is inspired by things above – the sun, the moon, the clouds in the sky. I’ve been working on some simpler concepts in my abstract art, but ended up going back to these to add a little more detail, as I just couldn’t settle for the simplicity. I don’t see a lot of things very simply because there’s usually more to the story, and it can be tough to find the truth these days. This set can be a reminder to just look up at the sky and breathe. Being present is the hardest, yet simplest way to be.

These are each 6 inch square gallery wrapped canvas with acrylic paint and paint pen. While not very visible in the images, there are beautiful gold and copper metallic accents. p0[

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4.5 in