Piece of My Heart

I was going to write this at the beach so the words would be fresh and pure, but like a smart vacationer, I didn’t bring my laptop. So this is the bottled up version that I carried back with me.

I don’t remember when it started, my love affair with the ocean – my first view of the ocean was around age 14 in Los Angeles, but was pretty brief. Since then I visited the ocean many times and locations throughout the years and always felt right at home. I’d been to the mountains several times too, and while breathtaking and beautiful, they never quite captured me the way the waves do. And then we discovered Anna Maria Island, that lovely, quiet little island where we got married, and though I joined my heart with Ronnie there, I must have left a piece of it in those turquoise waters.

When I sit in the soft, white, shell-speckled sand, and stare across the aqua blue, my heart feels whole. There is a peace that calms me. All the constant racing in my mind slows to a halt, and I can joyfully rest. The rhythm of the waves soothes as the sunshine warms. I try to close my eyes for a nap, but I cannot keep them from taking in the ever-changing hues of aqua, emerald, and blue as the sun makes its way across the sky, transforming the ocean into a new picture every hour. At the ocean, I hear Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Every time I go, I start scheming when I can go again. Though we didn’t take Skyler with us this time, I dream of her growing up with Anna Maria Island as her vacation spot. I even glanced at real estate, did some rough math, to figure out how we could invest in a vacation property down there that we could use regularly and even maybe retire to at some point.

But alas, the beach trip is over, and I am at home on a chilly Kansas Sunday typing this. Until next time…

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