Out with the Old…

Labor Day is next weekend already! That means my favorite season is coming to a close, and it’s a little disappointing because I don’t feel like we’ve done nearly enough summery things this year. Other than hanging at the pool, we only made it out on a boat one time, and that was at the beginning. We didn’t go floating or camping, and there were far too few BBQ’s and too little time spent on patios and decks. Part of the problem was that nearly the entire month of July was over 100 degrees, so we holed up indoors to stay cool. But also, we were just too busy! Ronnie’s gym has definitely impacted our life and the ability to make weekend plans. But surprisingly, we’ve still really enjoyed the last few months, even if the gym overshadows most of what we do. We have a great time there and have made so many new friends, it’s never just a dreaded work responsibility.

As if Labor Day in a week isn’t depressing enough, my mom told me yesterday that their pool is closing already due to some yucky water parasites. We were hoping to spend our last weekend of summer there, since we have no babysitters and no other plans. So I guess we’ll have to get creative and find other ways to entertain ourselves on the long holiday weekend! So yesterday may have been our last pool excursion for 2011, which makes me sad.

Today we spent some time going through drawers and cleaning out old clothes. I found a few “tiny” shorts that I had put away four summers ago when they had grown too snug as I had grown too pregnant. Since then, my butt and thighs had never made it back to the right size and shape to fit into those. I don’t even know why I kept them – they seemed like a pipe dream since I had bought them while at the thinnest and most fit I had ever been in my life. Even though I’ve been working hard and eating super healthy lately, I am still fifteen pounds heavier than I was in those days. But today my curiosity/stupidity/bravery urged me to try them on and see how much further I had to go to fit them, and to my complete surprise, they fit! I was amazed – fifteen pounds heavier but just as “small” as I was back then. What does that say for the strength and muscle that I have gained from doing CrossFit?!?! I knew I had been shaping up, but the scale is deceiving, and I had no clue I’d be even remotely close to fitting in those shorts. So exciting and motivating to keep doing what I’m doing! Don’t think I’ll be throwing those shorts out anytime soon!

Finally, as I started thinking about putting summer clothes and swimsuits away soon, I realized that I can’t do that quite yet, as we have a Florida vacation planned for early November! Just as it cools down here, Ronnie and I will be flying down to our beloved Anna Maria Island, spending a few relaxing days with some other couples. I’m so excited to be going back there again, though it is bittersweet that we won’t be taking Skyler. I don’t know how I’ll explain it to her, as she still asks me regularly when we’ll be going back to the beach. But Ronnie and I wanted some time to getaway and just have adult time. Hopefully next year Skyler will have the swimming thing down and we can plan a family trip back to the beach!

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  1. Congrats on getting into those “old” clothes. You are really looking good!

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