One Track Mind

Even though it’s only been a few days of this intense work and promotion of Ronnie’s gym, I get worried we’re annoying our Facebook friends. With the build in full force right now, we are pretty obsessed with getting this thing off the ground. He’s spending 12 hour days at the space getting things setup, and I’m coming home from work and getting to work on the marketing side of things. Downloading and editing photos and videos, getting them posted to youtube, Flickr, the blog. Setting up his Facebook business page and getting as much of the online stuff interconnected so it will all flow together with as little future effort as possible. When I’m not doing those things, I’m checking his website traffic analytics to see how many people are visiting the site, how they are getting there, what they’re looking at. Basically, I’m doing website marketing twenty-four-seven these days. Thank goodness I thoroughly geek out about it and enjoy doing it!

I did set aside time after work tonight to take Skyler to the park and enjoy the evening together. That girl is a trooper, putting up with her boring but distracted parents. She does enjoy our visits to Daddy’s gym. The wide open space is perfect for energetic children to run wild in, and she takes full advantage!

Hopefully things will naturally simmer down as the gym gets officially open over the next month and business is rolling in, and we can start to get to some sort of normal life. But then again, that might be boring 🙂

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