Nothing new under the sun

I work for a marketing company in the interactive department. We are always trying to be in the forefront of our industry, which is constantly challenging since technology and the face of the Internet changes so fast.

How do you stay ahead? Now everyone at work is talking about how we can make our websites “social” and become the myspace or facebook of our industry, with all the bells and whistles. The problem is, becoming social isn’t new! Everyone is doing it now, so really, that’s like playing catch-up. So we keep racking our brains to find what we can offer our clients online that isn’t already being done. It’s a catch 22 because of the limits of technology, but yet people are constantly pushing the limits.

It’s a tough thing to wrap my brain around. I’m more inclined to see what someone else is doing and then figure out how I can do it better. That alone is challenging enough without trying to come up with a completely unique new idea.

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