Moments of Fall

So, I guess it’s still Fall, and will be till December 22nd! That means I have a Fall birthday this year, and actually, most of December is in Fall this year…what’s up with that? This seems so odd to me…

Anyway, we’ve been busy, in a good way, and I don’t really have a lot to update. Our work is good, Skyler has been mostly enjoyable and funny, our social calendar is keeping us entertained, and we haven’t had bad Winter weather yet (but I guess it’s still Fall, right?). Life is good.

Here are a few shots of Skyler I got as she was enjoying the Fall weather a few weeks ago. Her fashion sense is impressive these days.


  1. Great pictures! And I can tell she gets her fashion sense from her grandma! Yeah, I had a sweet moment this past weekend cuddling in bed with her Sunday morning, reading “The Nightmare in the Attic”. She appears to love this book despite covering her eyes and asking “Is it there yet?” speaking of the picture of the nightmare. I treasure those moments.

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! Ben and Jonna like to dress themselves too. And I pick my battles. More often than not, Ben will go to school with his pants tucked into his cowboy boots. It just makes me smile. Mom does it, so he can too.

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