Getting stuck at home for too many days out of a week takes it’s toll on my well-being like not many other things in life. Over Thanksgiving break, Skyler caught some bug that has had her puking on and off since Thanksgiving night, and with that long weekend at home and now two additional days off this week, I’m about to claw my own eyeballs out with cabin fever. We did very little of excitement or leaving the house over the break, except for the fun but freezing Chiefs game we got to attend on Sunday.

With Skyler puking all Monday morning, I graciously allowed her to watch Caillou ALL. DAY. LONG. His high-pitched little voice had my skin crawling by the time Ronnie got home. After noon, though, Skyler quickly rebounded and was her silly self, and hungry. I took it easy on the food still, but she was itching to get back to normal life. She went to school Tuesday but then I got a call in the afternoon that she had thrown up on herself, so I headed to bring her home. We didn’t make it out to the car for two minutes before she started puking again. Luckily the preschool director had given us a plastic bag for the road, so we promptly put that to use and saved her clothing and the car from a stinky mess. After a rough night with lots of vomit and a pathetic little girl, she was again bouncing off the walls today, and it was tough to keep her calm and happy.

After a battle to get her to nap today, I about had a nervous breakdown as I surveyed our trashed house – every direction I turned there was something that needed put away or cleaned. Not one single peaceful, clutter free space in this house. A lot was Skyler-instigated mess, but a lot was Ronnie’s or my laziness, or maybe just I-give-up-ness when her messes get so out of hand that putting our own stuff away won’t make a difference so we just let it all go. I texted Ronnie in my anger today that I was tired of living like a slobby teenage boy and teaching Skyler that it’s normal to live like this and we needed a plan to keep our messes from getting so out of control so fast. I mean, we do clean on most weekends, we just let it get out of control way too fast.

Then I skipped working out tonight, because I was already grumpy and felt like wallowing in it. Stupid, stupid. But that’s what happens when I get stuck in a little, messy house, with a sick midget for too many hours at a time. I could never, ever, be a stay at home mom.

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