Little Things

Today on the way to preschool/work, Skyler asked me “Mommy, when we get close to preschool, can you look at me in the mirror and smile like you did that one time when I wasn’t being happy?” I immediately smiled and agreed, and then just smiled to myself thinking about her simple request. I wouldn’t ever have remembered that moment she spoke of, had she not mentioned it. But it made me realize how much every thing I do impacts her. And it was nice that she remembered a “nice” moment, that my simple smile at her when she was feeling down one morning was memorable and had enough of a positive effect on her that she wanted it to happen again. Just that little smile in the rear view mirror. What a sweet and innocent request!

The girl remembers everything! EVERY. THING. I wish I could remember all the crazy stuff she remembers, long enough to document it here for safekeeping. But I can’t – there were at least three other things I thought of when I thought about writing this blog post, and those things are gone from my mind, so this is now significantly shorter and has much less to it than I had planned. But at least I remembered that one!


  1. My friend keeps a ‘nice things’ journal. She realized that a lot of her journaling tended to be negative. So she kept a separate journal just to write down nice things that happen, even the tiniest things, and nice memories she had. Total cure for the bummers to read that on a mediocre day.

  2. Mom says:

    Yes, she remembers everything! Her memory is alot like her mothers hearing! Her mother could hear things from the opposite side of the house! Even when we talked quietly!

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