Let’s Do This

My plans and resolutions for 2011:

– Learn to do 15 consecutive pull-ups. I’d like to do that in the next 3 months. After that, make pull-ups a regular part of my workout routine.

– Continue chipping away at my running pace. Take 1 – 2 minutes off my current best 5K race time.

– Have a Springtime clean sweep of this house: everything out of the attic/closets/drawers, complete with Keep, Trash, and Sell piles in the front yard. We need some serious declutterization to make this small house more functional.

– Get Skyler into a dance class.

– Paint the exterior of our house.

– Vacation in Colorado and Jamaica.


  1. Grampa says:

    Wow! Pull ups, huh? Let me know how that goes! I don’t know if I could accomplish even one pull up if I made it my goal for the year!

    How about a resolution to take Skyler to Sunday School each week?…

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