Labor of Love

It’s finally here! The thing I haven’t been able to write about, I am writing about! Today, all the planning and scheming that Ronnie has been doing for well over a year, took shape in it’s physical form. We got the keys and set foot for the first time in the space that is quickly transforming into Sky’s Limit CrossFit, Ronnie’s very own gym here in Kansas City.

It has been a dream of his since he first became passionate about personal training, and that dream is finally one big, dirty, 4,000 square foot cinder block box of reality. And the coolest thing about all of it? The name and inspiration behind it. I won’t steal Ronnie’s thunder today; all the photos from the day are on his site, here. We’ll be keeping his site updated with progress of the gym construction, and then lots of photos and videos once he’s open for business and workouts have started!

Skyler, the "Sky" in Sky's Limit CrossFit

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