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Life around here is really going just swimmingly (literally)…to the point where I do worry where the catch is. It’s certainly not perfect but it’s sure been fairly drama-free and quite enjoyable as of late. It’s just the way summer should be, though the weekends could always be longer if I had my way!

We’ve been lucky enough to take Skyler swimming nearly every weekend, and she gets more and more comfortable in the water. She didn’t make much progress during swimming lessons themselves, but each week she gets more brave and has way more fun with us. It is peaceful, relaxing family time for Ronnie and me too, as the other six days of the week are usually nonstop, and those few weightless minutes in the pool are just the thing we need to unwind.

Skyler has even been amazingly civil and generally fun to be around the last several weeks. Though I’m probably jinxing it by typing this. Tantrums and battles have been fewer and further between, not gone altogether, but way more pleasant than probably the last six months have been. As bad as this sounds, I find myself missing her more often than ever before; she’s been such a fun little buddy and really just makes me laugh a lot. Sometimes her grandma picks her up from preschool on Thursdays to take her home to spend the night, and I feel strangely lonely leaving work and being “free” for the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy setting my own agenda, which often involves heading up for a class at Ronnie’s gym or running some errands kid-free. But my heart pangs a little bit at not having my usual routine with Skyler.

And Ronnie’s gym – if that isn’t a surprisingly fun and amazing whirlwind! Business is growing and going beautifully – far more than we could’ve predicted. Not only is business going well, but it’s something all of us are able to enjoy together. Skyler still loves to go play up there and has done pretty well behaving and obeying if Ronnie and I are involved in a class. Plus, I’ve finally found in his CrossFit classes a type of workout that has me addicted. Working out used to be such a dreaded and difficult thing to stick with, but this keeps me coming back for more torture. Haha. And we’ve met so many great people and are having a great time with the social/community aspect of the gym. It’s truly a joy to be a part of something like this, especially something that has a positive impact on the lives and health of the people we are serving with this business.

In other news, we are in the market for a new car. Ronnie’s “Awesome Car,” the nasty, dirty, dented up old two-door POS that he’s been driving since he bought the Harley, has quit running. It seems to be the alternator, which we could spend some money to fix, but it was kind of one of those things that we didn’t feeling like putting any time or money into any longer. It’s a hunk of junk, and Ronnie’s had enough. I will certainly be glad to have that eyesore out of our driveway and not have to worry about the few times we’ve had to switch cars. I am not a car snob, but I prefer to have a brown paper bag over my head if I am ever to be seen driving that thing. And for the bittersweet part of our transportation saga, Ronnie may be selling the Harley. With the new business he just hasn’t had time to take it out for leisure, and doesn’t see that happening for several years. He’s not going to aggressively market it, but if the right person wants it for the right price, it will be gone.

Normally by this point in the summer, the heat has gotten old (these past few weeks have been HOT!) and I begin thinking about my Fall clothes and craving the autumn scents of apple and cinnamon. But this year is different; maybe it’s Skyler’s age, or just a lack of boredom. Or maybe it’s just that my own mind and body are well right now, and I am just enjoying life, no matter what the season!

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  1. Maria says:

    I am enjoying summer myself! Preferr it not to go away for a long, long time…even with the 100 degree heat. Jake would love the harley, but it would be a no go! 🙂

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