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How to Get Better at Painting: 14 Practical Tips

When it comes to learning a new skill, most of us have the same goal in mind – to improve over time. Whether you’re learning a new language, playing an instrument, or painting, seeing yourself get better at something gives you confidence, and the satisfaction of having a finished product is rather rewarding. But if …

colorful acrylic paints on palette

How to start painting with acrylics

The first rule of painting is there are no rules. I suppose there is a little chemistry and physics to deal with, but once you have a basic understanding of those, you can start painting with acrylics and exploring your own personal painting style. Painting with acrylics for beginners is a great way to start …

pet painting tips: pug mockup images

Top 4 Pet Portrait Painting Tips

I’m rounding out my second Christmas as a pet portrait artist and realized with over 50 portraits now under my belt, it’s time to pull together my best pet portrait painting tips. While I love the creative process and trying new things, when it’s someone’s beloved pet you are painting, it’s much better to work …

18" x 24" Painting of two dogs on a boat

How to choose a pet portrait artist

So you’ve decided to memorialize your fur baby or give someone a unique gift by getting a pet portrait created! This is such a fun and meaningful gift to yourself or someone special, so it’s important you consider your options when searching for pet portrait artists. I’ve put together some tips and considerations to make …

Embracing the ugly stage of the creative process

The creative process contains the space in between the start of a portrait painting and the finished piece that is filled with discomfort, frustration, impatience, and skepticism. While the initial concept and sketch is all optimistic energy and possibility, the next stages of the painting process are the start of the ugly part: the base …

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