Holy Guacamole!

Yesterday I attended a 1 hour class that was offered through my employer’s Wellness Incentive Program. Experts will volunteer their time to come in and teach on one of various wellness-related topics, and just for attending, we get 10 points, which we can add up along with logging regular exercise points, fruit/veggie points, and other healthy things like that. At the end of a certain time period, if I’ve got a minimum of 1,200 points, I earn an extra PTO day! The class was on Holistic Nutrition. I will be completely honest that I signed up for the class merely to earn points, and had no burning interest in what I thought would be a human granola bar teaching a class telling me I need to meditate before every meal of tofu and tea or else my soul would burn in an unbalanced hell.

To my surprise, the teacher was a small, preppy looking woman in her late fifties, with a warm smile and gracious attitude. She defined holistic nutrition simply, told us her story, and then spent a little time educating us on “whole foods”, and finally talking about the kinds of gradual changes we could make to start living and eating more holistically. It wasn’t weird or overly spiritual, but actually very practical, and it inspired me to try and eat more “fresh and whole” rather than processed foods.

This brings back the old veggie issue that I have. Urghhh. Must eat more veggies! So I went to the store in a quest for edible raw veggies (so I could easily snack on them at work) and something not too unhealthy and processed to dip them in. I opted for the pre-cut tub of broccoli, cauliflour, carrots, and celery. I know it’s expensive, but every other time I’ve bought actual heads of broccoli or sticks of carrots and celery with intentions of preparing them at home, 90% of the time they just end up rotting in my crisper drawer. Now that’s a waste of money! Next challenge: dip. Ranch, dill, or spinach dip might be tasty, but probably not the kind of healthy, wholesome thing I was looking for. But then I saw it: Wholly Guacamole, which came in these amazing four 100 calorie packets, perfect for dipping veggies! And, the guacamole is all natural and nutrient-packed, so in and of itself, it’s quite wholesome. Best of all, avocados and guacamole have been an addiction of mine lately, so this was right up my alley! I tried my new healthy snack today and was actually sad when the packet of guacamole ran out. I’d eaten half the tub of veggies with it, and enjoyed every bite.

Paired with my new inspiration to eat more “wholly,” I also recently picked up the magazine “body + soul” because I thought it looked interesting. Turns out, it’s got the same holistic/wellness theme to it, with tons of great recipes, exercises, and information about maintaining a healthy body, mind, and environment. Lots of good, practical stuff there!

While all this is inspiring and interesting to me, I am not turning into some weirdo-hippie-shaman-holier-than-thou holistic pracitioner. I’m just taking what makes sense in my life and trying to make some healthy changes, and most importantly, share my fantastic store-bought natural guacamole discovery with my fellow guac-lovers!

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