Helping the community through art, COVID-19 edition

I probably don’t need to explain what’s going on with COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus that’s been spreading across the globe for the last few months. I have no intention of spreading hysteria with this post, but rather to do what I can to spread positivity while helping some of those most impacted by the rapid spread of this virus.

Many people (including our family) are either voluntarily or being mandated by their employers or other organizations to stay home or limit their contact with the public. This is called social distancing and is an important measure to help our healthcare system keep up with the ability to treat those who will need treatment to survive this virus, along with the already high capacity of people that require intensive care when there isn’t a global pandemic going on, including the high volume of influenza cases we already see this time of year. Check out Johns Hopkins University on social distancing, which I highly recommend reading if you are unfamiliar with this or not yet aware how your actions as a healthy and low risk individual can impact your community.

Thankfully, my family is financially stable and as an employee of Hallmark, I have the ability to work from home during this time without disruption to my income. In addition, my side hustle portrait painting can also continue to generate income during this time – actually it benefits from me being stuck inside on the weekends! But there are many people, particularly in the service industry, who’s income will be negatively impacted by social distancing. Therefore, I am donating 50% of all paid artwork orders (both commissioned and from my paintings for sale) to a GoFundMe setup by a friend of mine to help support some immuno-compromised hair stylists during this time as the community works to keep the spread of the virus under control. I’ve chosen 50% as a way to cover my material costs and delivery logistics while still donating a generous portion. I don’t know yet how long this will be, but I will keep this charitable promotion open until the Kansas City area is able to get back to business as usual.

A few details to consider if you would like to contribute to this great cause and receive a custom pet portrait or original artwork by yours truly.

  • I do currently have pet portrait orders lined up for the next 6 – 8 weeks. If you would like to donate now for this cause, I will take your payment up front to secure your place in line, but you won’t receive your painting until I can get to it with my current part-time capacity, painting nights and weekends. I normally take payment at completion of the work but since the need to help people is urgent, I am temporarily changing this policy.
  • If you already have an order lined up with me, I will donate 50% of that payment if it is received during this time of need. Please contact me if you’d like to pay early to get the funds out now, rather than when your painting is complete.
  • Current pet portrait pricing starts at $100 for a 12″x 12″ size gallery wrapped canvas. Other standard canvas sizes are available and artwork is custom quoted.
  • If you are not interested in a commissioned painting in the near future but would like to help, please donate to the GoFundMe linked above.

Here is my link to order a pet portrait . I take payment through Venmo or PayPal. Best wishes to everyone during this wild little ride and I pray you stay healthy and secure, and most of all, love one another!

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  1. I think that’s awesome to donate half of proceeds.

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