Happy Holidays

I’m a sap, I love the holidays. The decorations, the music, the traditions, the family time, the food, the memories. But oddly, despite my enjoyment of Thanksgiving and Christmas, I’m not the kind of person that goes overboard on Christmas decorations, Black Friday shopping for the best deals, or spending a fortune on gifts for Skyler. I don’t make a huge deal out of any of it, which is probably why it’s so enjoyable, because it doesn’t stress me out.

This year was our first year for Skyler to experience Santa. She got to meet him at preschool and tell him what she wanted for Christmas, so I made sure those requested gifts weren’t wrapped and under the tree till Christmas morning. I even made sure to use just tissue paper, otherwise Skyler would’ve connected that Santa used the same wrapping paper as we do (she actually questioned it when she saw a new present under there I had wrapped for Ronnie). We also got stockings this year, which “Santa” filled the night before Christmas as well. She had so many questions as she went to sleep on Christmas Eve regarding Santa’s whereabouts and his ETA, and since we don’t have a chimney, how would he get in? I finally eased her concerns and she went to sleep, while I quietly wrapped and placed Santa’s contributions. It was exciting and fun, something I didn’t expect, as I hoped she wouldn’t wake up to come out and catch me in the act!

This morning, she ran into our room to wake us, and said “Mommy, Santa came! There’s new presents under the tree!”

Christmas is always fun, but this year, with Skyler’s age, it was even more fun than ever, and I look forward to even more these next few years!

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