Goals, Motivation, Disappointments, and Such.

We are almost one quarter of the way through 2011. How am I doing on the goals I set in January? Eh…so so.

The fitness goals are ongoing, but the pull-ups goal has a ways to go. I’ve been training to get stronger and hoped to have some progress by now. The other day I jumped up to hang from the pull-up bar, gritted my teeth, flexed my arms and stomach and back, and went absolutely nowhere. And it burned. So incredibly disappointing when I know I’ve been working hard and getting stronger, and I couldn’t even pull myself up a couple inches. But, I will just keep trying. I’ve never, in thirty-one years, been able to do a pull up, so when I do, it will be something to be proud of!

I’ve been running and working on speed a little, but without an upcoming race to motivate myself. We did recently register for the Warrior Dash KC the end of July, but that is more for fun and less competitive, seeing as there are free viking helmets and beer at the event. It should be interesting!

Ronnie’s been incorporating more and more Crossfit inspiration in the workouts he has me do, and I really enjoy it. My favorite part about it is I haven’t had a workout that lasted longer than 25 minutes, and it still kicks my booty and leaves me sore for days. For instance, yesterday my workout was three rounds of Sumo deadlift high pull (how’s that for the name of a move?), push-ups, hand stand hold against the wall, and punching on the heavy bag. I think it took me around 15 minutes and I was whooped. Yes, I did hand stands. I may have had the wall to rest my feet against to help me balance, but it was hard, and humorous. It has seriously been 25 years since I did anything like this. Skyler was watching and thought it was hilarious to see me upside-down. Side note: I did all the push-ups in traditional form and didn’t have to go to my knees. That is proof I’m getting stronger! It’s especially motivating to try new moves I’ve never done, to put my will and strength to the test. After workouts like that, I feel extra motivated and wish I could bottle the feeling and save it for those lazy days. I have a long, long way to go with this stuff, but it’s fun trying!

I haven’t gotten Skyler into dance class yet. I just keep forgetting, and with Spring and Summer upon us, I don’t think it’s going to happen. We have too many weekend plans this time of year to commit to a Saturday morning class. But hopefully when it cools down again in the Fall, I will remember to get her signed up. Her preschool has started practicing for their Spring Program, which involves a couple choreographed dances, so hopefully that will help her with some fundamentals. I cannot wait to see this program. I suspect it will be overflowing with cuteness and hilarity.

I haven’t even thought about painting the house, except for every time I pull up in the driveway and observe how badly it needs done. We’ll get there eventually.

And finally, the vacations: Colorado happened and was a blast! Jamaica won’t be happening, but hopefully Playa del Carmen, Mexico will be happening instead!

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