Sometimes I step outside my little world and try to look in on it objectively. And when I do, I look upon it and see a life that is very blessed.

It’s easy to get caught up on the hard stuff and let it put a damper on all the other good stuff, when we have SO much good stuff! Note: This perspective does not mean I might not rant on my blog or to whomever will listen about my latest parenting challenges with Skyler. Sometimes I just need to vent!

These last few days have been filled to the brim with one thing after another, but all good things, the things that a wonderful life are made of.

Thursday I wrapped up a busy week of work (I had taken Friday off to help get stuff ready for Ronnie’s grand opening on Saturday) and headed to the gym for my first group workout of the week. It was a tough one (as usual), but I was thrilled with my progress. We covered lots of moves and I kicked my own butt. And it was sore for two days straight! Skyler sat up at the gym and watched shows on the iPad while Ronnie and I were involved in the class. She did amazingly well, being quietly independent for most of the time. She joined us for a group stretch at the end, which was pretty adorable. This is a great sign for me, as it means there is hope that she and I can go up to the gym at night and join in the classes without it being a distraction. I’m sure every time won’t go this well, but we’ll get there eventually!

The next day I spent the morning working on a flier for the gym, did some housecleaning (you would never know that by the way the house looks only two days later….UGH), ran a few errands, and then came back with a bottle of white wine to chill with Ronnie while he smoked 65 lbs of brisket and pork. It wasn’t as chill as we planned; one shoulder flipped off the smoke rack and had to be rescued, and then his meat thermometer broke, so it took a one-way flight across the kitchen courtesy of Ronnie Airways. Smoking all that meat was pretty stressful for him – not only was it costly if it didn’t turn out, it was the day before the event. There wasn’t much margin for error! We ended the day literally pulling pork apart with our fingers until they were sore at midnight. I had never thought about pulled pork before and the effort that goes into getting it…uh…”pulled.”

We were up early on Saturday and headed to the gym to setup. Thankfully we had so much help from family, friends, and other guys that have been working at the gym with Ronnie. Have I mentioned how much Skyler loves to go up there? It is a playground for her. It thrills me to see her run around, climb, jump, and hang on things there. I hope this helps her to grow up as an active person, where health and fitness is a priority to her, and she can gain her own confidence through challenging herself physically.

Skyler on the gymnast rings

Kids and families having fun at the gym grand opening

The grand opening was a success! The food turned out delicious and we had a great turnout of people. We had a little too much food, but enough leftovers that we can enjoy it ourselves for a few more days. It was so awesome to see all the people that came out to support – between friends, family, acquaintances, Ronnie’s past and present clients, coworkers, and walk-ins. I’m so excited about this community we are building, all in the name of health. I have a feeling in not too long, our extended “family” is going to feel a whole lot bigger!

workout instruction
Ronnie and Jesse were instructing the group at the grand opening on their first workout, while Bruno was passed out in the middle!

The pride and respect I have for Ronnie for taking this whole dream and making it a reality is intense. The rubbery smell of the gym mats, the scuffs on the plywood lifting platforms, the exhausted, sweaty people laying on the mats. Seeing him instruct people and encourage people to be their best and work hard. Hearing the testimonials of those that have worked with him and those that are new to his gym, and are hooked. My heart hurts with pride and love. I can’t believe it’s really real!

We celebrated our exhausting day with a nap and dinner at Mi Ranchito and frozen custard from Sheridan’s. We are hardcore 🙂

Today we headed up to the gym for a morning family workout. Ronnie had me try out some heavy squats, which I’ve never done seriously. We got up to 5 or 6 reps of 135 pounds, which is more than I weigh, so that was pretty cool! Then we headed to my parents’ and celebrated my mom’s birthday by grilling some delicious and healthy kabobs, strawberry shortcake, and then spent some chill time at the pool. It was one of those gorgeous summery days that was not only productive and fun, but just plain nice (despite a few arguments with the tyrant 3 1/2 year old).

tonight we’re trying to get caught up on laundry and other loose ends from the long weekend, and I am just breathing deep in the realization of how blessed we are, and what a great life it is!

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  1. Mom says:

    It has been so cool to see Ronnie fulfill a dream with well thought out plans and a passionate heart. We are really proud of him and the success it appears that he will have. And if it he gets tired of the gym, you guys could always open up a restaurant because the birthday lunch you prepared was absolutely wonderful and a blessing as well to spend the afternoon with all of you. Love you three!

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