Freakin’ Love

When we tell Skyler we love her, we often say it our favorite and slightly inappropriate way: “I freakin’ love you!” Yeah, “freakin'” is substitute slang for a not-so-nice word that doesn’t even make sense to say there, but it’s all about the intensity. Freakin’ love is strong, enthusiastic, unstoppable, and just plain silly. Even sillier, when Skyler says it back to us in her adorably nasal little voice.

She makes it so easy to love her. Trying at times, as any child, but overall she is just a clever, funny, smart, and sweet little girl.

When I’m tired or don’t feel well, she tells me to go lay down in my bed so she can rub my back and help me feel better. She’ll lay by me with one arm around me and say “I’ll hold you for a bit so you can feel better.” And then she’ll stand up and start jumping on the bed, yelling “Watch me. Mommy, watch this! Look how I can jump!” I can’t blame her for her lack of attention span. It’s the thought that counts!

She loves to bring me flowers. She asks Ronnie every time they’re at the grocery store together and go by the floral section if she can pick out a flower for me. Or she goes outside and brings me dandelions or picks the flowers off our good plants, or just finds random leaves. If it’s not flowers, she’s “baking” me a “special surprise,” which is usually pretend cupcakes. I am also the proud recipient of picture after picture of her drawings; sometimes just random shapes and scribbles, other times, her versions of our family, even though we look more like Mickey Mouse. She brings them to me and sweetly says “Here is a special picture I made just for you, Mommy!”

I am blessed to have such an amazing four-year-old who loves me so much too. I am constantly thankful for our relationship, and I pray and hope it carries through to all the years ahead of us. I dream of us having the best of friendship with each other some day, as women, and I hope those seeds are being planted in the times we spend together now.


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