Fleeting Beauty

Some of my favorite things about Spring are, unfortunately, very short-lived. Tulips and flowering trees in bloom. Their colors dazzle for maybe a week or two, and then they are gone again till next year. I wish so much the colors of Spring lasted longer, but maybe it is the scarcity of these vivid blooms that makes them so beautiful, and I wouldn’t otherwise appreciate them so much if they lasted all season.

I attempted to capture the beauty of one of my red bud trees and the tulips in bloom, but I am not very successful in shooting this type of thing. Seems like it would be easy, but I think I need to learn better skill with aperture settings on my camera to get these right. I think they’re too contrasty and just don’t capture the colors and details of the flowers. Oh well, in person, they are still lovely!

Red bud tree in bloom


Skyler wanted me to take a pic of her too! She matches the Spring colors 🙂


  1. Great Grandma Kelley says:

    Beautiful, thanks a bunch.

  2. Mom says:

    I think the three photos here are beautiful, especially the smiley one!

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