Is October one of my new favorite months? The leaves are changing into gorgeous colors, the air is mild with windows open, butternut and acorn squash are abundant, and the Chiefs are finally lookin’ good. The only thing not to like are those extra chilly mornings that remind me of the coming Winter, which I do dread. But I’m learning as I age to embrace every season, for each brings it’s own unique mix of things I love and hate, and life goes by too fast to wish any portion of it away.

We are winding down a lovely weekend spent here at home. It began with one of my favorite things – sitting by the firepit on Friday night. Ronnie and I shared a bottle of Malbec by the fire as Skyler sat by us with her milk. She cracked us both up at one point when, while wearing her sweatshirt, she asked “So, when will I start sweating in my sweatshirt?” I love her little mind. The only downside of the evening was it was too short; I bought only a two hour log and we had no other firewood to keep it going, so the warmth faded fast.

Saturday was filled with the usual chores, but I didn’t get much chance to clean the house since Ronnie and his friend decided to tear a hole in the living room wall. We finally committed to creating an opening between our living room and dining room, so they got it done! We still have lots of finishing and cleaning to do, but I’m excited for how it turned out. This will make our living/dining area so much more usable, especially when we have people over. It’s also one of those things we wanted to do to increase the sell-ability of our house, as we’re hoping to be in our last couple years here. But I’m glad to get to enjoy the new feature for a bit!

living room wall cut out
View from the living room to dining room, with the mess
Dining room
The dining room floor is still a mess, and there's more sanding to be done!

I also made for the second time, one of my new favorite recipes. It’s a sweet, comfort food recipe with acorn squash. Since I started eating “paleo” in August, I’ve had to get creative and try my hand at some cooking now and then. I am starting to enjoy cooking a little, especially when we discover delicious things like this! I do love me some squash, especially acorn or butternut. I could eat them every day.

And speaking of vegetables of the squash variety, Skyler picked her first pumpkin from the pumpkin patch that visited her preschool on Friday. Today she drew her very own jack-o-lantern design on it and Ronnie carved it out. She was adamant that she get to push the pieces out, and after hesitating from her first touch of the slimy inside, she quite enjoyed herself. And bonus, between yesterday’s acorn squash and today’s pumpkin, we’ve got lots of seeds roasting in the oven for a snack!

And, the Chiefs killed the Raiders! All in all, it was one solid Fall weekend.

Skyler's first jack-o-lantern

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