Blurred Vision

Life has been a little blurry lately, in both literal and figurative ways. Skyler finally got her glasses and is wearing them most of the time. She and I were laying on our bed the night she got her glasses, and she “saw” our popcorn ceilings for the first time. She just giggled and said “the ceiling looks so funny!” It will still take her a bit to get in the habit of wearing them, but she’s doing pretty well. We totally drove away from home the other morning on our way to preschool with them still in the drawer of her nightstand at home. And why were they in her nightstand? Because the night she got her glasses, we were at the gym and one of Ronnie’s friends told her one time that she needed to take care of them by putting them in her nightstand before bed every night. And she’s done it religiously every night since!

And then there was pink eye. Skyler woke up a week ago with one bloodshot, green boogery eye. I went ahead and took her to the minute clinic at Walgreens on our way to preschool just to keep from getting a call later that day in case it was anything. Sure enough, they sent us home with antibiotic eye drops and she couldn’t go to preschool till the next day. Administering eye drops was no fun task. She screamed bloody murder the first time, and the next few times she clinched her fists in front of both eyes to block me, while also screaming bloody murder. Luckily we got the “Z-Pak” version of eye drops (fast acting over five days but also translates to EXPENSIVE), and by the fourth day, she was asking to have eye drops.

It cleared up rather quickly, until Monday, Ronnie came home with the nastiest, most swollen, slimy eye I’d ever seen. Looked like he got punched in the eyeball with a bad sinus infection. His was pretty severe, but with some less expensive antibiotic eye drops, has started to clear up. The timing of his was very unfortunate because he had to miss teaching his first class at his new gym. Luckily he had a backup so it wasn’t a false start. I have been spared from this annoying infection so far…hand soap has been more of a friend than ever before, and until we get through all the laundry a few times. I’ll be pretty picky on the towels I use.

Figuratively, life has been flying by. We have been going nonstop lately. If we aren’t on the go, running errands or doing work for the gym or just working out at the gym, we’re at home, editing photos or videos from the gym, working on the website, or just trying to stay afloat with housework. Ronnie actually paid a kid to mow our lawn the other day (probably a week too late for lawncare standards), just to keep our neighbors from beating our door down. It’s exhausting, but fun. Skyler loves to hang out up at the gym – she swings on the ropes, hangs from the bars, and does sprints across the floor. We still have to be sure one of us is responsible for her while we’re there, so I can’t just pop in for workouts at peak time, but it will be only a matter of time till she is mature enough to entertain herself in the office. And eventually, join us for workouts!

In the midst of the craziness, we’ve tried to pause a few short moments to do kid things with her. It’s nothing special, but coloring, fingerpainting, jumping on the bed, and building forts seems to keep her happy!

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  1. Maria says:

    Love to hear about the gym, and glad to hear it is going well. Sorry about the pink eye. Very good to describe it a swollen eye with a sinus infection:). Hope you are all well. Skyler looks so cute in her glasses.

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