I’m finally sitting down after a weekend of very little sitting. Actually, make that a whole couple weeks with very little down time. Lots has happened, and I haven’t documented any of it on any of my blogs, and I am okay with this.

Rewinding, I suppose the oldest significant thing I remember from a few weeks ago is that I gave away a bunch of Skyler’s baby stuff. Mostly the bigger, more expensive things that were taking up space in our attic. It felt good to purge our small house of those things. I had a couple nostalgic moments, but it didn’t even produce an ounce of baby fever. However, the act of getting rid of that stuff has probably sealed my fate and I’ll be pregnant in no time, despite my best efforts not to be, because that is indeed how the irony of life works.

A few days later, Skyler contracted not one, not two, but three simultaneous illnesses that kept us home from preschool and work on a Thursday and Friday. It started with pink eye, and then congestion and sore throat that turned out to be strep throat and an ear infection. She was a trooper and none of it really got her down, but we had some unexpected quality bonding time together for sure. She did not do well the following Monday when I had to drop her off at preschool. She had developed some serious attachment to me over that time, and while it’s sweet and thrills my heart as a mother, it felt horrible to leave her after our long weekend together.

While we were quarantined at home, we got the joy of watching the morning Fox 4 CrossFit news segment, featuring Ronnie and his gym! It was really nice press, and what was even cooler was seeing all the gym members so excited about it, and sharing the video on Facebook saying “this is MY gym. I go here!” I simply love the community that has formed around the gym – so many great people and good friends there doing great things in their lives!

But as we came down from our “celebrity high,” Skyler was feeling better, and life was about to get back to normal, we got news that Ronnie’s grandfather had passed away. We hadn’t spent much time with that side of his family over the last few years, so it was especially hard on Ronnie. The services were nice and provided a somber but much needed opportunity to reconnect with his family. And Skyler behaved wonderfully. The subject matter of the events didn’t seem to phase her, even after our recent conversations. She was just a well-mannered and goofy little girl that brought a smile to many a sad face during that time.

Funerals are such a direct reminder of how short this life is. I’ve now been to three funerals in the last six months, two of them for people who had barely lived half of the typical century-long life. I can’t put into words how all this makes me feel. It’s just…confusing.

After the last two weeks of unexpected time off work, I struggled to get very productive there. I spent a lot of time trying to keep up with what I had missed and what was going on and just survived in reactionary mode. This weekend was much needed so I could just do normal weekend things like cleaning and laundry to give me back a sense of control after a couple crazy weeks. But I got very little rest outside of sleeping in past my weekday wake time. Cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry. It didn’t stop, and it’s not even done. My house is already a mess again, and some of it never even made the to-do list. I do have some delicious food ready to eat this week, and we all have clean underwear thanks to Ronnie’s help, so at least we’re not starting the week of in too much disarray. And before I left work on Friday, I organized my to-do list there so hopefully I can start off proactively and get back on track.

Despite the craziness and ups and downs of late, life is still good. Life is great actually, we have so many blessings. Like tonight, I made a third unplanned trip to the grocery store after forgetting yet another ingredient, and saw a Disney Tangled coloring book that I knew Skyler would love. She’s been SO good over the last few weeks, and so sweet and funny to hang out with, I just had to get it for her. I brought it to her tonight and she was thrilled! Seeing her excitement over the surprise present made my evening. She immediately got to coloring, and then called to me from the next room “Mommy! Mommy come here!” I was busy with cooking, and with a little annoyance went to see what she needed. Without even looking up from her busy coloring, she said “Thank you so much for surprising me with this coloring book tonight. I really really like it.” My oh my, do I have a sweet and thoughtful little girl?

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