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This is the longest I’ve gone between blog posts in over four years, since I started blogging sometime in 2007. I used to always find time to write, even if just once a week, often so I could collect and package my thoughts, but also so I wouldn’t forget all the moments that come and go quickly in this life. Lately I’ve been busy, but surprisingly more, for lack of better words, sane. I think sometimes blogging was a way to bring back my sanity when I felt so out of balance. If I wrote it down, I could turn it into a story, with a beginning, an end, and a moral.

Something has changed and I don’t need that now. I don’t feel the need to package my life on this electronic journal. Is it because I’m spouting random thoughts on Facebook to much of the same audience? Maybe…and I know there are certain cross country family members who would love to read more. But, life happens. Other things take up my time now, and sometimes it’s just not worth staying up 30 minutes later to rattle off some thoughts on life. Life is good, and I don’t feel the need to prove it here, though I do hope to continue this some, at least for posterity.

So what is up with our life? A lot of the same – Skyler is busy learning tons and bounding with energy and stories. She is moving to Red Room at preschool, which is the big kid room, pre-Kindergarten. She’s pretty excited. Her little attitude is going strong right now, as she argues with everything Ronnie or I tell her. Sometimes it’s just hilarious, but sometimes it challenges my patience like no other. She knows how to push the buttons and doesn’t hesitate. But the other side is that she is so sweet. She has a nurturing personality, still loves to take care of everyone. She’s still my girl, and my best little friend.

Ronnie and I are staying incredibly busy with both of our work. His inevitably takes up a lot of both of our “social” lives, but in a good way. We are at the gym a lot, or doing fun things with gym members a lot, or planning events or equipment purchases or just talking “shop.” It’s still an exciting adventure, but has become much more business as usual, and continues to be a blessing in so many ways. I can’t thank God enough for where we are with this, and the joy it has brought to us.

We’re beginning to look at the year ahead of us, with one big looming project, and that is moving. We’ve long outgrown this house, and want to find our next home before Skyler starts kindergarten. We’re even seriously considering keeping this one as a rental, as the market in our area has just not picked up enough to get anything out of it as an investment if we sold. Our neighborhood is prime for rentals, being near KU Med and UMKC both. It’s a huge thing to start thinking about, but whether we rent or sell, we’ve got some home improvements to do this next year, so it’s time to get serious if we’re going to make this happen. My chest gets a little tight thinking about it, both from a stress and sentimental level. Oh well, one thing at a time.

So here we are, with a few paragraphs to some up our life, for now. Hopefully it won’t be so long between posts next time, but who knows? I can’t find my other shoe half the time…

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