25 Random Things

This post was spreading through Facebook, so since I took the time to do it there, I figured it would also make a great post here!

1) I never really wanted kids. Now I can’t imagine life without Skyler – she is the most wonderful accident/blessing! (Doesn’t mean I’m in a hurry for more kids though…)

2) I have recently developed a fear of flying.

3) I am addicted to the Internet. If I don’t have access for more than a 24 hour period, I get anxious. Blame my job.

4) Most of my closest friends live in another state.

5) I love ordering things online (I guess this goes with #3). There is something so exciting about anticipating the delivery of a package at my door. It’s like opening Christmas presents!

6) I hate spiders. I have nightmares with spiders on an almost nightly basis. It’s been a regular part of my sleep-cycle for years now. Unfortunately.

7) I love going to concerts and it doesn’t really matter who’s performing and if I like them or not. Same with big sporting events. I guess I just love a fun crowd.

8) I am fairly artisticly inclined, though I don’t do much with it these days, and I regret that. My new camera is helping that out a bit though, but I still have an unsatisfied need to draw and paint.

9) I love love love camping. The primitiveness of it doesn’t bother me. I love the sound of the locusts at night and the waking up to the morning sounds of a campsite coming to life bright and early – tent doors unzipping, footsteps on the way to outhouse, packages of donuts being opened for breakfast…I love it all! I wish I got to do it more.

10) I attended an old fashioned one-room schoolhouse in 3rd through 5th grade in Nebraska. The highest enrollment the school had when I was there was 10 kids. I was the only one in my grade. And I think it was a really cool experience.

11) I really don’t like serious movies. I’d be perfectly happy to only watch comedies for the rest of my life.

12) I am very independent person and need my space.

13) I plan vacations that I never take on a regular basis. If money were no object, I’d be a travel agent for the fun of it.

14) I hate confrontation.

15) I am not a fan of talking on the phone. Text messaging is wonderful!

16) Along with the previous point – I am much more skilled at writing than I am at talking.

17) I used to have my eyebrow pierced and most of the time I wish I still had it.

18) I dislike other drivers and have closet road rage.

19) I like a little bit of coffee with my sugar free french vanilla creamer. Just to give it some color.

20) I am a planner. I love to have plans and make plans. Nothing drives me more crazy than when I have nothing scheduled to look forward to.

21) I cannot fall asleep wearing socks. In fact I am not a fan of socks and weather permitting, would wear flip-flops/sandals year round. I care so little about socks, that many times, they don’t even match (each other OR my outfit).

22) I am very frugal. When it comes to shopping, I choose quantity over quality. You will never find me sporting a purse that cost more than $30. I just don’t care that much.

23) I come from a very musical family. I can carry a tune and used to play the piano very well. I know if I practiced up I could play well again.

24) I do not think or speak well on the spot. I need time to soak things in and ponder.

25) I really love cheese.

* My “eights” are turning into smiley faces on this post (see what should be #8 and #18). There is nothing particularly smiley about those things – it’s just the way the blog is displaying them. I didn’t feel like fixing it.

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