10 Years and 4 Years

Today marked the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01, the horrible day the US was attacked multiple times by hijacked airplanes, and thousands died, as well as the 4th anniversary of Skyler’s birth. It’s always a bit of a strange day for those two things to share; one sorrow, one joy, but today was especially different. Ten years have gone by since that day, yet it is etched so clearly in my memory, all the feelings of confusion, sadness, shock, and new found patriotism. The way that after this much time has gone by, how those feelings come rushing back so easily just at viewing the same footage I watched live on TV when it was going down, it feels even more intense. So many other memories of the past ten years have faded into glimpses, but that day I remember so much of it so vividly.

I also believe this was the first birthday we actually celebrated on 9/11. We’ve always chosen Sunday afternoon to have her party, so it never fell on the actual date. Seeing the 9/11 memorial shows and tributes on the TV all day while we prepared, the Taps and Star Spangled Banner performances before the opening Chief’s game, added an air of somberness to the whole day. Though I think the joy we have with Skyler this day is all the more sweeter because of it. The love of family shines bright in times of sorrow, so despite the sadness of the memories, we have so many new and present blessings and memories to share with each other.

Skyler was all about her birthday this year. She’s been asking about it for months and telling me all the things she wanted for presents, every week asking me how much longer till her birthday. Thursday night we spent together baking cupcakes for her preschool class birthday part on Friday, and we had a great time. We’d been planning it all week and at dinner with Gramma & Grampa on Thursday night, she told them “Mommy is really excited to make cupcakes with me tonight!” She didn’t even throw a fit when they dropped her off at home, and barely acknowledged them with a goodbye. She was actually much better at icing the cupcakes than I expected, but mostly I couldn’t keep her fingers out of the icing bowl. I’m pretty sure she shared lots of germs with her friends by way of icing.

Today we took her out to breakfast at First Watch, where she ordered her usual chocolate chip pancakes. They brought them out extra special Mickey Mouse style for her birthday, which made her very happy. She ran some errands with Ronnie afterward, and made sure to tell everyone she met that it was her birthday today and she is now FOUR, including the Jimmy John’s delivery girl who brought our sandwiches for lunch. At the birthday party gathering, she got dressed up and enthusiastically greeted every guest that showed up, and loved every one of her gifts. They were nearly all things she had asked for. However she did inform me that she didn’t get a car she could drive, which she asked for. I told her she has twelve more years. The remote control Strawberry Shortcake car she got today would have to suffice.

It was my favorite birthday of hers so far, because it meant so much to her this year. I look forward to many more birthday celebrations with her in the years go come. Now that she’s into it, next year we’re gonna make it a big one!

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